A Voice for Victims

When someone is the victim of crime, especially of a violent crime, the harm caused continues long after the crime was committed. Every victim deserves to be treated with respect and their views considered throughout the court proceedings.  The Commonwealth's Attorney must speak for the victims, especially children who cannot speak for themselves. 

Addressing the Opioid Crisis


The opioid epidemic has caused devastation within our community, resulting in numerous deaths from overdoses and immeasurable harm to the family members and friends of those suffering from addiction. We must not shy away from aggressively prosecuting individuals who profit from distributing these deadly drugs.  We must also help those suffering from addiction receive the assistance and support that they need.  We need to look at each case individually and determine the best course of action for the offender and our community.   As the Commonwealth’s Attorney, I will work to build upon the success of the Fairfax County Diversion First’s Drug Court and Mental Health Court in addition to pursuing other innovative solutions to tackle this complex issue. 

School Safety & Gun Violence

As a parent of three children, there is nothing more important than the safety of our children. Every child should be safe in school.  As the Commonwealth’s Attorney, I will aggressively prosecute gun laws, especially when guns are brought on school grounds.   I will also work with other community leaders to find ways to make sure that all children are safe at school.

Cracking Down on Gang Violence 

Criminal street gangs are real and alive in Fairfax County, often leading to deadly consequences.  MS-13 is a criminal street gang and Fairfax County has one of the largest MS-13 populations in the country.  The gang has been responsible for many murders and other violent crimes in our county.  They prey on our most vulnerable citizens and many new immigrant communities in their homes and in our schools.  Every member of our community deserves a safe place to raise their families. As a former federal prosecutor, I know the best way to address gang violence is through a coordinated effort between state and federal law enforcement, so that gang members can be identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their crimes.

Incarceration Alternatives

Jail or prison time is not the answer for every offender, especially for first-time, low-level and non-violent offenders.  Many first-time offenders are suffering from addiction or mental health issues where serving time does not address their underlying issues.  As the Commonwealth’s Attorney, I will continue to build upon programs like Veteran’s Court, Mental Health Court, and other Diversion First programs that offer individuals the help needed to address these underlying issues. 


Keeping our Community Safe


Fairfax County is one of the safest counties in the country thanks in large part to our dedicated law enforcement officers and fair administration of justice. As the Commonwealth’s Attorney, keeping our community safe will be my number one priority. This requires a strong bond with our law enforcement partners. One built on mutual trust with a recognition and appreciation for the sacrifices they make daily to ensure our safety. As the county’s top prosecutor, my job is to be fair to everyone involved in the criminal justice system. That means putting public safety ahead of politics and never prioritizing special interests over those of our community. ​



Experience Matters 


I have served as a prosecutor in this community for almost nineteen years.  First as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Fairfax County. Then as a Special Assistant and Assistant United States Attorney at the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia.  As one of the largest counties in the country, we cannot risk electing someone who needs on-the-job training and fails to appreciate the value of a constructive relationship with our law enforcement partners.  

The Commonwealth’s Attorney must be able to lead an office of over thirty attorneys and be able to consult with them about complex legal issues they face from day one.  As a career prosecutor, I have years of courtroom experience, successfully tried tough cases and made difficult decisions.  I understand that politics and special interests end at the courthouse door.  I look forward to bringing that experience to Fairfax County to protect our families and community.  


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