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Jonathan has been a devoted advocate for justice in his community, serving nineteen years as both a federal prosecutor in the Eastern District of Virginia and an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Fairfax County. Having prosecuted some of the most serious cases in our community, Jonathan has dedicated his career to solving the most pressing issues that face our community through cooperation between the state and federal government. 

During his time serving as prosecutor, Jonathan has seen firsthand the damage caused by the opioid crisis and the immeasurable pain that victims, their families, and their communities endure. He believes that opioid addiction not only harms the individual suffering from addiction, but devastates the lives of family and friends, too. Jonathan received the DEA’s highest award for his successful prosecution of a prominent pain management doctor engaged in the massive distribution of deadly opioids.

As a prosecutor at the United States Attorney’s Office, Jonathan has served in several leadership positions. Most recently, as Chief of the Special Assistant United States Attorney’s Unit, overseeing twenty attorneys and providing mentorship for trial advocacy. Additionally, during his career as an Assistant United States Attorney, Jonathan received several awards, including the John Marshall Award, the Department of Justice’s most prestigious award for the prosecution of a serial murderer in 2015.


Jonathan is committed to fighting for crime victims and devoted to every defendant’s right to a fair and just process throughout every phase of the trial. He believes each case is unique; we should ensure that defendants are held accountable for their crimes, but also provide opportunities for rehabilitation, including treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders.  


Jonathan and his wife both grew up in Fairfax County and currently live in Falls Church, where they raise their three children. A dedicated father, he loves to coach his children’s soccer and basketball teams and regularly volunteers at school and community activities. In addition to his work as a prosecutor, Jonathan has taught at George Washington University and the Washington College of Law at American University. 

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